Ahmed Elhefni


To Whom it May Concern,

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Hummingbird Aviation LLC to any Student trying to achieve their dream of becoming a Professional Pilot.

After finishing my commercial Pilot License in South Africa, i moved back to Egypt, where the economic and political situation made it very hard for anyone to get a job in aviation. Shortly After that, my family received the Green Card and moved to the US. Despite the exciting news, i did not know where to start or what to do other than send a letter to the FAA to start the process of verifying my credentials. Fortunately a common friend referred me to Captain Martin, who guided me towards the right actions to start the process of converting my commercial license, helping me to find a place to stay in California and arranged my transportation from and to the school.

One step at a time, Hummingbird Aviation helped me work my way towards my conversion. During training, the instructors at Hummingbird understood my goal of attaining a position with one of the airlines and oriented my training towards my goals. After getting my Commercial Pilot Certificate, the school helped me build my hours and get ready for my airline Interviews. I applied for there different airlines and was offered the Job at all of them. This enabled me to pick where i wanted to work.

During my Initial airline training, I had the knowledge and confidence to fly with coworkers that exceeded me in experience. I was able to keep up with the demands with flying colors. Now i am about to start my captain training at my airline after proving myself as a copilot and surpassing the hours required. I do not know how i would have been able to make it this far without the help and preparation i got from Hummingbird Aviation.

Without a doubt, i would recommend the School to anyone trying to become a Professional Pilot. The Airline style training at Hummingbird nurtures the high intensity and fast paces airline industry environment.


Elhefni, Ahmed