Hummingbird Aviation Now Hiring Certificated Flight Instructors


Free Housing Plus Completive Pay

Hummingbird Aviation LLC, an accredited global flight school, is recruiting highly motivated CFIs for its campus located in Modesto, California. All certified flight Instructors receive free housing accommodations and competitive pay depending on experience and ratings held.

“Getting your CFI is the one of the most important steps a pilot can take in their Airline Career Path, and with the pilot shortage situation in the United States, CFI’s are in great demand” said CEO and General manager, Hummingbird Aviation LLC Martin Campbell.

Hummingbird Aviation Certified Flight Instructor benefits include:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Training credit towards CFII and MEI
  • Average 80-100 hours per month
  • Access to Airline Partnerships and Airline Cadet programs
  • Free Housing Accommodations; fully furnished
  • Live and work in Central California; close to Yosemite National Park, Santa Cruz Board walk, and other attractions

To learn more about a career as a Hummingbird Certificated Flight Instructor, call 1 844 iFLY HBA or apply online.

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